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Martijn Boland Blog

Random observations from Øredev 2009

/ 1 min read

Last week, my Taiga partner in crime Erwin and I went on a road trip to Malmö Sweden to visit the Øredev 2009 conference. All I can say is that it was the best conference I ever attended. Fantastic sessions, crowd and atmosphere!

To summarize, some random observations:

  • JAVA vs. .NET: from the .NET prespective, I noticed that the JAVA crowd is way ahead of us in terms of agile development processes, but is starting to lag behind technology wise (still doing massive Spring configurations and generics appeared almost absent);
  • NoSQL: time will tell, but this could really change the way we think about structuring our data in the future. By far the session I attended that caused the most excitement in the crowd;
  • When asked how many people in the audience use NHibernate, more than 50% raised their hands! (ok, it was a session about the NHibernate ecosystem);
  • Entity Framework 4.0 really is going to be a big improvement;
  • ASP.NET WebForms 4.0 has some improvements, but nothing that got me really excited. It feels like WebForms is finished (as in proven technology that isn’t going to change much anymore);
  • Google returns totally different search results in Sweden :)