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Martijn Boland Blog

Moving from Wordpress to Astro for fun and profit

/ 1 min read

After a long stay with Wordpress, I recently moved this blog to a web site that is statically generated by Astro.

There were two reasons that motivated this move:

  • The content of this blog is very static and it just feels wrong to have so much infrastructure (Wordpress, database) just to serve the same pages over and over again, wasting resources (energy, money);
  • Recently, I did a small side-project with Astro and the Developer Experience is just so good! Very easy to start with and perfectly suited for a blog site.

Previously, this blog (Wordpress) was running on an Azure App Service with an in-app MySQL database. I migrated the content to Markdown with this tool and with a slightly modified existing Astro blog theme, the new blog was up and running in no-time. Astro is so much fun to use! Because it’s statically generated now, it’s hosted on a free Azure Static Web App.

The comments were previously hosted by Disqus and I migrated these as well, to Giscus.