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Martijn Boland Blog

Considering ASP.NET MVC UI controls? Learn HTML and Javascript!

/ 1 min read

Warning: highly subjective content ahead.

In the recent weeks we’ve seen several control vendors come up with toolkits that target ASP.NET MVC. Personally, I don’t see anything that might make me starting to consider picking one of these toolkits to speed up development. Why on earth would I prefer a wrapper around jQuery UI or shoehorning existing WebForms controls in MVC views?

The beauty of ASP.NET MVC is that it embraces the web as it is and this automatically involves HTML, CSS and Javascript. Don’t be afraid for that. The combination can be so powerful! Why aren’t there any large component vendors for PHP, Rails, Django etc? Isn’t it probably possible that these components are not required to do proper web development?

The control vendors seem to be targeting people who come from a Windows background that don’t want to learn HTML and Javascript, but from my experiences I can say that those people should really stick to WebForms.